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Take your digital campaigns to the next level with our programmatic advertising service. We connect your brand with key audiences using the precision and effectiveness that only advanced programming and DV360's rich media can offer.

Discover how our experience and cutting-edge technology can maximize the performance and optimization of your campaigns for an unprecedented return on investment. Join our unique ecosystem and start transforming your digital presence today.

Equipo de Orange trabajando

Boost your outcomes with our programmatic advertising solution.

A new approach that blends data, creativity, and machine learning for more effective campaigns.

  • ⯌ Our experts maximize your investment by accessing the market's most outstanding inventory with more than 75,000 websites and premium apps.
  • ⯌ We expand the reach of your campaigns with fast digital buying technology and automated rules based on user data.
  • ⯌ Programmatic buying massively customizes in real-time, delivering the ideal experience to the right user at the perfect moment.

Our Methodology

  • Real-Time Bidding (RTB): Instant access to advertising spaces and audiences, speeding up your campaign delivery.
  • Deals with Publishers: Direct connections with major LATAM sites with more than 5 billions request with display and video.
  • Advanced Audience Segmentation: Detailed micro-segmentation based on user intentions and behaviors.
  • Dynamic Creativity: We implement dynamic feeds for personalized and effective messages.
  • Total Transparency: Monitoring ad frequency and visibility, with exhaustive reports on the performance of your investment.
Equipo de Orange trabajando
Equipo de Orange trabajando


  • Video:
    • Reward
    • In Game
    • Outstream
    • Social
    • OTT
    • Pre-roll
  • Display:
    • Native
    • In line
    • Footer / Pop up
    • Form
  • Apps:
    • Push
    • AR / VR
    • Reward
  • Audio:
    • Radio / Streamings / Podcast
  • Others:
    • Rich Media
    • Billboard
    • Dynamic frame
    • HTML5
    • 360º

We combine your ads with the most comprehensive analysis to create quality connections, gain valuable insights, and have full control over your investment for superior results.

With Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360, we manage your campaigns end-to-end, from planning to optimization, integrating data and workflows for more effective advertising.